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Underworld gang assault forced relocation jailed _

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PostPosted: Fri 22:42, 10 Jan 2014    Post subject: Underworld gang assault forced relocation jailed _

's Court in front of firecrackers sounded, courts should 王宪孝 12 people Mafia case to verdict, and coastal areas had Yingchengzi underworld gangs dominate the party for this destruction. However, the gang bring harm to the victim is irreparable. December 8, reporters came Yingchengzi find victims and local people, for all the evil triad gang Wang Xianxiao investigation. More than 20 black people then broke the stick attack on December 8 to 11 pm, the sky snowflakes, Ganjingzi Yingchengzi street from time to time came a farm dog barking, looked very deserted. In a corner of the farm, was once a barn, has now deserted, the victim is here that year, Mr. Gong was wounded. December 8 morning, the reporter found Mr. Palace home, he was on crutches, struggling to open the door to reporters. "I can be described as a narrow escape,[url=http://www.vallons-anizy.fr/includes/link.php]air jordan pas cher[/url], picking up a life, but half of the body has lost consciousness." Yuehua Jian,[url=http://www.chv.org.uk/wp-includes/class.php]mulberry[/url], Mr. Gong roll up the legs, the reporter saw, there was a shocking scar on his right leg, his There are also striking scar on his arm, there is a sunken head ...... "that time is fear!" recalls things happened in 2009, Mr. Gong emotions still some excitement. According to Mr. Gong speaking, he had rented in this piece of farm land, in 2009, on his farm land contracted to carry out the relocation, but the two sides have not reached an agreement. July 2,[url=http://www.myositissupportgroup.org/cgi-local/anyboard.cgi]http://www.myositissupportgroup.org/cgi-local/anyboard.cgi[/url],[url=http://www.o4j.de/sites/gbook/system.php?p=90]hollister deutschland[/url], 2009, Mr. Gong is being leased farm work in the fields, suddenly coming three taxi. "The car down more than 20 men, who were wearing black T-shirts,[url=http://www.cfb-brescia.org/v2/link.php]moncler outlet[/url], hands are holding ho." Mr. Gong recalled that when he realized something was wrong and immediately ran back to the house alarm. After the alarm, Mr. Gong see many holding stick man rushed over, he went to run the warehouse, these people are after him, went to a nearby farm pen when he was knocked to the ground from behind, and then continue to drop sticks in his body, "I fainted to the ground, when I woke up, the body can not move a half." recalls Mr. Gong victims cried afterwards, Mr. Gong learned that the batterer is Wang Xian Koichi group of people, and he and Wang Xianxiao not know. Originally,[url=http://share.stosa.it/core/class.php]woolrich outlet[/url], the farm relocation failed, "attracted" to find 王宪孝, Wang Xianxiao instigate 袁洪国 with people go strong move, but was prevented Mr. Gong. Yang Shao Qing 王宪孝 also arranged someone to "solve" Mr. Gong, which was seriously wounded. "Now the moves left, but his left leg is still unconscious, pinch do not know pain, have to rely on crutches to walk." Mr. Gong said, because the head has been hit hard, resulting in leg activity affected, he can only stay home, do some rehabilitation training. Recall once happy family life, thought of his situation now, Mr. Gong could not help but shed tears. Lift their own children are attending school, Mr. Gong is burst into tears. December 6, Dalian City Intermediate People's Court case involving the Mafia, who 王宪孝 judgment, 王宪孝 and four other defendants sentenced to pay compensation to Mr. Gong losses totaling 46 million yuan each, the other gang members were sentenced. Scene pronounced the victim off firecrackers to celebrate the day after the first instance verdict, many fishermen Yingchengzi seaside finally out of breath,[url=http://www.mesere.it/aja/link.php]hogan outlet[/url], but the fishermen had been 王宪孝 oppressed is clapping and cheering, and some families of the victims are still sensational firecrackers outside the court. "In the sea did not dare to offend 'landlord', he forcibly protection fees, the fishermen do not pay, what he have done thing out." December 6 at noon, in the waters near Yingchengzi, an old fisherman very angry said. According to him,[url=http://sorceress.raindrop.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=7808%22]http://sorceress.raindrop.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=7808%22[/url], since the beginning of 1997, Wang Xianxiao contracted a sea, and then began to fishermen fishing in the sea all year round money, "'the landlord' Pa this sea is the sea, the men kept a gang, they ride roughshod We the people are very afraid. "According to a knowledgeable person, when fishermen boats often have a group of people were forcibly dragged Wang Xianxiao shore, in order to get back the boat, you have to pay several thousand dollars. In an interview with reporters among the surrounding waters Yingchengzi know many people have expressed their "landlord", but mention the "landlord", they are reluctant to say much more. Finally, a fisherman confided, he said fear of the "landlord" was released from prison retaliation. "Wang Xianxiao locally dominate for many years, some of the leaders are not get his way, even his men were tracking threat." One lawyer told reporters, Wang Xianxiao can also be seen from a group of strength. Eldest child evil by fighting hard and grabbed the injured site was thrown into the hospital after beating Zhengde Pan Wang Xianxiao only junior middle school education, since the beginning of the 1980s, he was to pickpocket for the industry, has been reeducation through labor. 1997, Wang Xianxiao and his wife at the clouds in the waters surrounding the package Yingchengzi sea farming. To dominate the party, Wang Xianxiao recruited a number of two officers and social workers released idlers, and gradually formed a mafia criminal organizations in Yingchengzi areas. Because things vicious, greedy man, Wang Xianxiao called "landlords." That year, 王宪孝 sea shortly after the package, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the sea seafood Yingchengzi acquisitions, men are not allowed to command the original consignee Wang and then the sea receipt. April 1998, Yang Min, Wang Liang et al found that, Tanmou 4 people in receipt Yingchengzi waters on shouting loudly to let them leave, after the two sides altercation, Liang with people holding machetes, iron bars beaten Wang, et al Tanmou led Wang and tan, etc. wounded. Later, Liang Wang Xianxiao after receiving the report, immediately rushed to lead the people of Dalian Central Hospital, Wang Xianxiao Tanmou threat of injury,[url=http://talkworm.com/bbs/thread-319917-1-1.html]http://talkworm.com/bbs/thread-319917-1-1.html[/url], let the evening surrendered 20,000 yuan treatment fee, otherwise it will be his hamstring Tiaoduan,[url=http://park1.wakwak.com/~touya7000/cgi-bin/lineagebbs/joyful.cgi]http://park1.wakwak.com/~touya7000/cgi-bin/lineagebbs/joyful.cgi[/url], resulting Tan a dare to the hospital for treatment. Later, Wang Wang Xianxiao that,[url=http://ilms-saga.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/notice-board/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%2525255Dfarmville]http://ilms-saga.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/notice-board/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%2525255Dfarmville[/url], after He Yingchengzi a town in the hospital, people gathered immediately rushed to the hospital. Liang Wang thigh knife stabbed several times toward, Wang Xianxiao ho, who used stones to Zadao Wang and Wang, who willfully smashed the taxi. After the attack,[url=http://www.chv.org.uk/wp-includes/class.php]mulberry outlet[/url], He Liang Yijun, who in turn dragged 王宪孝 a car and beaten, then He pulled a Nanguanling near a wood processing plant, 王宪孝 He let a leg mounted on stakes, wood He punched a stick legs, to throw in Dalian Central Hospital. After this happened, Wang, who will no longer afraid to go to the beach close Yingchengzi Sea Dragon tail stock. After a dagger stabbing people he had first learned that the police reporter in the interview, when 王宪孝 by Causing loss of lives, becoming famous in Yingchengzi areas. "10 years ago, along with case, let 王宪孝 fame." When reporters interview Yingchengzi residents of anonymity, said that when Wu Wang Xianxiao often contracted friction adjacent waters,[url=http://md-s.co.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/keijiban/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%3Ebuy]http://md-s.co.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/keijiban/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%3Ebuy[/url], while Wu bag sea ​​for many years, then there is a certain strength, Wang Xianxiao eventually prevailed. According to the court's investigation, the fall of 1998, when the men packets via 吴某承 waters 王宪孝 of security quarrel with Wu. After Wang Xianxiao about the incident, gathered more than her brother's residence armed with a knife rushed Wu, Wu 王宪孝 Bizhu brother with a knife, lie Wu Liang et al armed assault workers and security. Later, 王宪孝, who has a knife to intimidate Wu's brother, came to the Yuemu Jia Wu,[url=http://www.fundiverev.de/libraries/header.php?p=186]hollister online shop[/url], Wu because it was not, Wangxian Xiao Wu in front of relatives, brother Wu knife toward the head,[url=http://www.chv.org.uk/wp-includes/link.php]hollister outlet[/url], thigh pierced several knife, a group of people then Wu's brother threw in the Dalian Central Hospital. May 29, 1999,[url=http://ia26.ac-grenoble.fr/dden/hco.php]hollister france[/url], Wu's brother dispute with 王宪孝 men occurred, the two sides fight together. Wang Xianxiao after that, looking around Wu revenge unsuccessful. In the same year on May 31, Wu in order to ease the contradiction between 王宪孝 about 王宪孝 in Yingchengzi talk and eat at a restaurant, but also do a "negotiation" is not ready to fight achievements. At the time, Yingchengzi sand hill near the village, Wang Xianxiao organization people hold machetes, knives, five bursts of shotgun, men traveling in two cars, the hotel is ready to Wu's brother stopped. Wangxian Xiao Wu's brother will be holding a dagger from the cab pulled down his brother with a knife against the neck of Wu, Wu's brother commands allow people in the car stood in a row. Wang Xianxiao men began beating these people, Wangxian Xiao Wu's brother stabbed with a knife, forced him to write "gun threat Wang Xianxiao" guarantee, and later, Wang Xianxiao, who left the scene, he used the phone the police, the police, the Both sides will be back to the police station investigation. Final Wang Xianxiao in this case did not receive due punishment, resulting in notoriously Yingchengzi region. Men guilty of murder, he is Wangxian Xiao Li Hongyuan help transfer the corpse of an underworld gang, he was Heilongjiang, born in 1975. One night in 1999,[url=http://www.shipsts.com/calendar/header.php]hogan outlet[/url], due to drinking 李洪源 Wang altercation with workers at the farm Yingchengzi 王宪孝, Li Hongyuan angry,[url=http://www.liceovallone.it/hogan-outlet-sito-ufficiale.html]hogan outlet[/url], holding 王宪孝 five bursts shotgun on the farm will be killed Wang. That night, 李洪源 the help of others will be buried next to the farm Wang vegetable cellar. The next day, Wang Xianxiao about the incident, to the men Liang 10,[url=http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=]http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=[/url],000 yuan, instigate Liang Li Hongyuan escape arrangements. A few days later, together with Liang Wang Xianxiao farm beside the corpse moved to the toilet. Later, Li Hongyuan forced to surrender to the psychological pressure,[url=http://www.sugorock.com/xpbook/xpbook.cgi]http://www.sugorock.com/xpbook/xpbook.cgi[/url], but because the body has been transferred, the public security organs can not be punished. It was not until 王宪孝 been under criminal detention, the detention center confessed 李洪源 intentional homicide, and with investigators to identify and dig out bodies. In 2009, Wang Xianxiao Mafia and other 12 members are all arrested. Reporters learned that the age group of people, mostly in their 40s, many people have a criminal record. December 6 this year, the Dalian City Intermediate People's Court pronounced the verdict, Wang Xianxiao guilty of organizing and leading crime syndicates, disturb the crime, the crime of intentional injury, illegal detention, affray, extortion, destruction of production and operation of the crime , forced trading crimes, the crime of harboring, nine voluntary manslaughter decided to implement 20 years in prison. Reporter Zhang

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